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Saundersfoot Harbour

Emergencies: Contact Coastguard on 999 VHF 16.

Saundersfoot Harbour

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Welcome to Saundersfoot Harbour and the Wales International Coastal Centre, folded neatly into the outstanding Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, one of the most delightful of hidden gems on the Welsh Riviera.

Business Opportunities

We are currently seeking business applications for our Restaurant at the Wales International Coastal Centre.

Marine Centre of Excellence at Saundersfoot Harbour
National Events Deck at Saundersfoot Harbour
Saundersfoot Harbour - Major Events Decking
Coastal Schooner Centre at Saundersfoot Harbour
Oceans Square Heritage and Arts Centre at Saundersfoot Harbour
Ocean Square Heritage Centre Saundersfoot Harbour


Harbour Developments

Find out more about the exciting new development of The Wales International Coastal Centre.

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