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Keeping Safe on the Water

Saundersfoot is renowned for its safe bathing waters, and Saundersfoot Harbour works closely with the RNLIRNLI Beach Lifeguards and Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). Every endeavour is made to accommodate all of the various water sport activities in a safe harmonious way.

Maintain Contact

Please monitor the Coastguard/Distress Channel VHF 16 at all times. In an emergency, please contact the Coastguard on 999 or VHF 16.

Navigating in Restricted Visibility

When navigating in restricted visibility, remember:

  • Keep a good look out by sight, hearing and all other available means.
  • Maintain continuous listening watch on the Harbour Working Channel 11.
  • Small craft may not be detected by radar due to their construction, size and the prevailing weather conditions. Additionally, small craft will not be detected when in close proximity to commercial ships due to the height of the ship's radar scanner.


Lifebelts are positioned at various locations around the harbour. Please contact the Harbour Office if you see any housing units that are damaged or missing a lifebelt.

Reporting Damage or Incidents

Incidents involving damage or injury in the harbour should be reported to the Harbour Office as soon as possible. You may be asked to complete an Accident Report Form.