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Notice to all Harbour Boat Users - Leisure and Commercial

Issued 23/09/2022

World Rowing Coastal Championships & Beach Sprint Finals 4-16 October 2022

Mariners and harbour users are hereby advised that, during October, two large scale rowing events will be taking place in the vicinity of Saundersfoot Bay.

Between 4-9 October, the World Rowing Coastal Championships will be taking place. A large course will be set within the bay, with numerous rowing and event craft using the course throughout daylight hours. The outer limit of the racecourse will be on a line between 51º 42.427’ N, 4º 40.869’ W and 51º 43.433’ N, 4º 39.772’ W.  It is requested that all marine traffic stay 200m south east of this line to avoid interaction with the racing area.  A route to Saundersfoot Harbour will be available to the west of this, although rowing craft may be present in this area and you may be approached by event safety vessels to ensure safe passage to the harbour. See map here.
Between 12-16 October, the World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals will be taking place.  This is a more localised event taking place from Saundersfoot beach, with up to 4 lanes, 300m long, coming off the beach.  These will be patrolled by event craft, and it is requested that craft stay 100m away from these courses.  A route to Saundersfoot Harbour channel will be maintained throughout the event. You may be approached by event safety vessels to ensure safe passage to the harbour. See map here.
All vessels must navigate with extreme caution and consideration.  Please consider that rowing craft, especially the smaller single and two person craft,  as such, they often have a blind spot dead ahead.  Therefore, if you are navigating near these craft and are unsure of their intentions, consider that you may not have been seen and take avoiding action.

More information about both events can be found on the World Rowing Coastal Championships 2022 website and the Saundersfoot Harbour website.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Michael Davies
Chief Executive Officer
Saundersfoot Harbour

Saundersfoot Harbour, Harbour Office, Marine Centre of Excellence, Saundersfoot Harbour, Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire SA69 9HE

Tel: 01834 812094


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