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Saundersfoot Harbour offers both dry and wet moorings, along with visitor berths, a summer boat trailer park, winter storage, assisted launch and recovery, mooring line renewal and storage, and canoe, kayak, tender and small boat storage racks.

Boat Lift in Dates 2024.

Leisure Craft Fees & Charges

Saundersfoot Harbour Price List

Fees & Charges from 1st January 2024 - all charges incl. VAT

Leisure Boat Mooring Charges

C.1-C.6-40', C.7-C13b - 30'


C.14-C.22b - 26' C.23-C.34 - 23'


C.35-C.62 - 22'


C.64-C.77 - 21', C.80-C.94 - 20'


Running Moorings


Visiting Boats

Inner Harbour -Up to 22ft (per day)


Over 22ft

Set charge: £20.00 plus £1.00 per foot thereafter (per day)

£20.00 plus £1.00 per foot thereafter (per day)

Outer Harbour Visitor Moorings

£20.00 per day

Launch and Recovery

Daily Launch


Weekly Launch


Leisure Seasonal Launch 1st May - 31st October


Trailer Boat Park

Seasonal trailer park storage only

21ft and under (including trailer and outboard)


Seasonal Storage only

Over 21ft (including trailer and outboard) 25ft max


Assisted Trailer launch

(not including slipway permit)


Assisted Trailer recovery

(not including slipway permit)


Canoe & Kayak Racks

1st April - 31st October



1st April - 31st October



1st November - 31st March



1st November - 31st March



Tender Racks

1st April - 31st October


1st November - 31st March


Boat Storage

Winter Boat Lifting

Additional charge of 25% will be levied for operations outside of published dates

Boat life per foot

£4.50 per foot

Boat Storage

Boat storage per foot per week (not affected by the cut off date)

£1.00 per foot

Lift & Hold

Lift and hold charge per foot

£6.00 per foot

Dry Racking


1st May - 30th September. Up to 7m



1st October - 30th April. Up to 7m


Waiting List

Waiting List Fee

One off payment


Waiting List Renewal Fee


Transfer List

One off payment


Labour Charges per hour (for each staff member)

Lifting, cleaning & ropes


Return ropes


Rope Storage


Power Washing Boat

22ft and under


Power Washing Boat

23ft up to 30ft


Power Washing Boat

Over 30ft


Power Washing

50% premium for multi hull vessels for all size craft

Recovery boat from mooring

under 30ft


Recovery boat from mooring

30ft and over


Labour charge per hour (each staff member)


Late payments administration charge


Admin Charge (other)


Carpark Season Tickets

Season Ticket

Renewal basis only

Replacement lost Season Ticket

Admin Charge


Update vehicle registration number change


Got a question?

Our friendly team at Saundersfoot Harbour will get back to you as soon as possible with any queries you have regarding the harbour facilities.