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Trust Port of Saundersfoot

Our Organisation

Saundersfoot Harbour governs the water from the eastern extremity of Coppet Hall Point to the eastern extremity of Monkstone Point, and as well as running the harbour, car park and public toilets, is the umbrella organisation for the Wales International Coastal Centre, which is comprised of the Marine Centre of Excellence, Ocean Square, and the National Events Deck and Crabbing Centre. 

A Brief History

Saundersfoot, once part of the ancient forest and commote of Coedrath (coed: wood; rhath: hill), is situated in Carmarthen Bay and on the substantial Daucleddau Coalfield, a coal measure which stretches across to St Brides Bay. Mining had occurred for centuries along the Coalfield, however, the increased demand for coal during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, meant that the usual practise of carting coal to the coast and loading ships on the beach now became impractical. It had become clear that a harbour was needed. An act was passed in 1829 forming the Saundersfoot Railway and Harbour Company, and construction of the harbour began immediately. The Harbour was completed in 1834 at a cost of £7,000.

In 1958, the Saundersfoot Harbour Order was passed, repealing the earlier Act, setting up a body of Commissioners with wide ranging powers to administer the facility. In 2005, following advice from the Welsh Assembly Government, the Harbour Commissioners were encouraged to modernise and legitimise the management structure, resulting in the passing of The New Harbour Order 2011, via the devolved powers of the Welsh Government and the creation of the Trust Port of Saundersfoot.

Got a question?

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