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Winter Boat Hoist & Lift

The harbour boat hoist lifting operation will commence as of the 09th of October 2018, we will be lifting until the 13th of October and resume on the 13th of November until the final lifting date of the 17th of November.

All vessels will be lifted from the harbour beach, so they must be brought ashore prior to arranged lifting time. Please ensure your vessel is washed off prior to lifting unless you would like the harbour team to do it on your behalf, as no vessel will be lifted ashore without first being washed off.

Your vessel can be collected from its mooring within Saundersfoot Harbour and brought to the harbour beach by the harbour team if you so wish but a further charge will apply in lieu of this.

Please be aware that all charges stated below are inclusive of VAT @20%, and that an additional charge of 25% will be levied against all operations outside of the above dates during 2018.

Dates may be subject to change depending on weather conditions, an alternative date will be arranged if this does occur.

Charges: - (all prices are quoted for a one-way operation and inclusive of VAT @20%)

  • Boat hoist: - £3.18 Per ft LOA (per movement)
  • Vessel storage: - £0.59 Per ft LOA per week (Not affected by the cut-off dates above) 

*Additional services offered

*Recovery of the vessel from mooring (Saundersfoot Harbour only): - 30ft and under £70/ over 30ft £90

*Jet Washing: - 22ft and under £50/ up to 30ft £65/ over 30ft £80

Please contact the Harbour Master to arrange your winter boat lift and storage requirements:

Call: 01834 812094 ext 1


The lift out and storage up to the 28th February 2019 will be charged and any storage after this date will be charged with the lift in.  Please arrange directly with the Harbour Master on booking your lift out if you intend to remove and jet wash your mooring lines yourself or if you have any additional requirements.


Moorings & Boat Storage Facilities

Winter Storage & Lift

Winter Storage & Lift

Your vessel can be collected from its mooring within Saundersfoot Harbour and brought to the Harbour beach by our team during the winter lifting operation if required.

Slipway & Launching at Saundersfoot Harbour

Slipway & Launching

We offer, arguably, one of the best launching facility in Pembrokeshire. An easily accessible, inexpensive, launching facility in glorious Pembrokeshire at Saundersfoot Harbour. 

Boat Storage Saundersfoot Harbour

Boat Storage

Enjoy the ultimate convenience for sailors with summer and winter boat storage at Saundersfoot Harbour. Our Harbour management team are always on hand to advise.

Dry Boat Racking at Saundersfoot Harbour

Dry Boat Racking

The benefit of our Dry Boat Racking System is that your boat can be launched and recovered by the harbour team reducing the complexities of owning a boat and creating a far more enjoyable experience for the entire family.

Got a question?

Our friendly team at Saundersfoot Harbour will get back to as soon as possible with any queries you have about the new development or regarding the harbour facilities.