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  • Car parking fees & charges - Seasonal and hourly parking charges at the Harbour

Saundersfoot Harbour has invested in new Car Parking pay machines, which will be in operation before the end of July with the option to accept payment via Credit/Debit Card, contactless and cash. The hourly tariff will also be increased from this date, with all revenues reinvested back into the harbour for its continual upkeep and facility improvements.

The new charges will be as follows:

1 Hour     /  Awr                £1.50

2 Hours   /  Awr                 £3.00

3 Hours   /  Awr                 £4.50

4 Hours   /  Awr                 £5.50

8 Hours   /  Awr                 £10

24 Hours / Awr                  £15 

48 Hours / Awr                  £30

1 Week                              £60

Blue badge holders will have to pay for parking but will still receive and an extra hour free.

For the full price list for 2020 please click here.


Staying overnight in vehicles is prohibited in all areas of the harbour 

Please be aware overdue invoices will incur a late payment charge of £25.

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Saundersfoot Harbour Facilities

The Saundersfoot Harbour Car Park

The Harbour Car Park

The only monitored and manned car parking facility with maintained public toilets for day visitors, mariners and stay over guests alike. Situated directly on the beach frontage, the Harbour car park is an ideal location to start your adventure.

Saundersfoot Harbour General Information

General Information

Saundersfoot Harbour welcomes visitors at any time of the year and while berths and moorings are important, we also know that facilities and services are critical to a good day on the harbour. 

Kayaks & Canoes and Saundersfoot Harbour

Kayaks & Canoes

We have great facilities at Saundersfoot Harbour for any keen canoeists or kayakers.

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Our friendly team at Saundersfoot Harbour will get back to as soon as possible with any queries you have about the new development or regarding the harbour facilities.