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RNLI Float to live

As we approach October, we will all start to notice a decrease in the temperature both on land and in the water. When exposed to open and fresh waters our bodies can experience a cold-water shock. When falling into waters below 15 degrees, you immediately gasp for air, increasing your chance of inhaling water. Instead, relax and float for around 90 seconds to minimise this risk. Here are the 5 Steps to keep yourself safe and above the water’s edge,

  1. Fight your instinct to thrash around
  2. Lean back, extend your arms and legs
  3. If you need to, gently move your arms and legs to help you float
  4. Float until you can control your breathing
  5. Only then, call for help or swim to safety.

By doing these 5 steps will increase

By following these 5 steps can help get yourself to safety during these situations. Please make sure you take care and remember #FloatToLive.

For more information or guidance please visit the link attached.

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